Aim to Communicate

Speech and Language Therapy Services

“Communication is the essence of human life.”

– Mariam Komeili PhD.

We are "Aim to Communicate"

ATC is an SLP clinic servicing the Ontario region.  The clinic director is a fully licensed and certified SLP with extensive knowledge and experience in the field.  Our team is made of up of Speech Language Pathologists and Communication Disorders Assistants with range of skills and experience working with  children from a variety of ages and cultural backgrounds.

ATC’s overall objective is to help children of all ages (between infancy to 18 years) and cultures to reach their full communication, social and academic potential.

Services Offered

Speech Disorders

Any condition that affects a person’s ability to produce sounds that create words.


ASD is a developmental disorder. Individuals with ASD can have challenges with communication and social skills and often demonstrate repetitive behaviors.

Articulation and Phonological Disorders

Articulation focus on errors (e.g., distortions and substitutions) in the production of individual speech sounds and Phonological ...

Developmental Language Disorders

Developmental language disorder is diagnosed when a child’s language skills are persistently below the level expected for the child’s age.


Stuttering refers to a speech disorder that interrupts the flow of speech.

Late Talkers

A late talker is generally defined as a toddler who is late to start using words despite what seems to be otherwise typical development.


This is the ability to read and write. Children can have difficulties with any aspect of reading and writing,

Parent/teacher counselling

We provide parent and/or teacher coaching and counseling such that we provide you with strategies on how to support children with communication difficulties.

Values, Mission and Vision

With our multi-cultural team of skilled Speech and Language Therapists and Communicative Disorders Assistants, we are able to provide services to children with a wide range of skills who come from varied backgrounds. 

The goal at Aim to Communicate is for children and families of all ages and backgrounds to be able to access the services they need at affordable rates. Our team strives to consider the most up-to-date research from top universities when making clinical decisions.

Respect for all; continuous learning; and a commitment to quality care.

To help children and their families from all cultures to feel empowered.

To use novel evidence-based practice in order to inspire children of all ages and races to shine through their words.


ATC FOunder

Mariam Komeili - CEO

PhD in Speech and Language Pathology

Obtained Clinical (2010) and Research (2011) Masters of Science in Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) from City University, London UK, and Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Reading. Mariam Komeil is fully licensed to work in Canada through the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO) and is certified by Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC). Mariam Komeil has been working as an SLT in Canada for the past 10 years and has ample experience working with children with a wide range of difficulties.

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ATC’s overall objective is to help children of all ages and cultures to reach their full communication, social and academic potential.