Sentence repetition as a measure of morphosyntax in monolingual and bilingual children

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Authors : Mariam Komeili, Chloë R Marshall

Publication date: 2013/2/1

Description: Bilingual children are frequently misdiagnosed as having Specific Language Impairment (SLI). Misdiagnosis may be minimized by tests with high degrees of sensitivity and specificity. The current study used a new test, the School-Age Sentence Imitation Test-English 32 (SASIT-E32), to investigate sentence repetition in monolingual and bilingual children, and specifically to compare overall repetition accuracy and error patterns in the two groups. Eighteen English-speaking monolingual children (mean age = 8;8) and 18 Farsi-English bilingual children (8;2) participated. Monolingual children repeated sentences more accurately than bilingual children, but, once receptive vocabulary scores were taken into account, this group difference disappeared. However, the groups demonstrated a different pattern of errors, with the bilingual group producing a higher proportion of substitution and addition errors on function …

Journal: Clinical linguistics & phonetics

Volume: 27

Issue: 2

Pages: 152-162

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Scholar articles: M Komeili, CR Marshall – Clinical linguistics & phonetics, 2013